Wicked at Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Apollo Victoria Theatre Seating Plan

In the London Westend, Apollo Victoria Theatre has one of the largest auditoriums with the occupancy of 2208. The magnificent theatre is categorised into two levels as Stalls and Circle. Stalls section is nearest to the stage and offer some of the best viewing seats. It is located on the ground floor of auditorium and most of the seats offer best viewing of the stage. Tickets in the Stall section are bit expensive.

The ticket price drops towards the back of the Stalls and quite affordable. If you are looking for the best viewing seats then simply opt for the centre block, as there is no circle overhang. You would be able to enjoy complete view of stage and action.

Towards the end of rows, seats offer restricted viewing of the stage. If you are looking for bargain then seats towards the end are perfect. On the level 1 of the theatre, Circle is positioned and offers panoramic views of the stage. The front few rows are brilliant, whereas back rows are cheapest.